I Speak Machine

3:00pm Saturday 6/25/2016

I Speak Machine are vocalist/composer Tara Busch and filmmaker Maf Lewis. Together they make brooding soundtracks and horror/sci-fi films, creating audio and visual in unison and giving both elements equal prominence. Their short films include the UK filmed sci-fi thriller “The Silence,” ghost horror short “Gagglebox,” and their newest creation, “Zombies 1985” – a blood-drenched period zombie piece shot in Los Angeles. The soundtrack to “The Silence” was released in 2015 on Lex Records on limited edition vinyl and digital download. 2015 saw I Speak Machine performing UK/ EU dates plus supporting the legendary Gary Numan during his 3 night residency at the Teragram Ballroom in LA and The Forum in London. I Speak Machine are currently working on the groundbreaking graphic novel and feature film “STRATA,” with comic book legend Tommy Lee Edwards, Lex Records, Penguin/ Random House and Google.

I Speak Machine will be screening their sci-fi horror short films THE SILENCE, GAGGLEBOX & ZOMBIES 1985 with live electronic score, as well as some special one-off pieces created just for NMASS.

(related live links on youtube 1 , 2 )

Saturday, 6/25/2016 NMASS PASS