Ghosts of Space


Animated films by artists from Portugal. Projects were created in classes taught by Jeanne Stern through the University of Texas | Portugal Collaboration, including “Experimental Animation” at the University of Portugal, Porto and “Ghosts of Spaces” at the FuturePlaces festival, also in Porto. For the “Ghosts of Spaces” workshop participants were asked to choose a place and create a portrait of it over time. Artists included have a wide range of backgrounds including an architect, children’s book illustrator, scientific illustrator, professors, and students.

Come check out a short program of animation, curated by Jeanne Stern. This event is part of the New Media and Sound Summit (NMASS). NMASS is a four-day festival. Tickets are $50, and get you into all events (including this one).


Super Short Portuguese Animations by:

Bruno Vale, Linnea Lidegran, Emanuel Pereira, Catia Neves, Mário Costa, Joaquim Fontes, Diana Marques, Mafalda Almeida, Sara Cunha, Natalie Andrade, & Tiago Santos +

Erin OBrien (Austin TX): Preview of animated film “The Ocean is…” using rotoscoping and digital paintings.

Rob Munday (UK): Internationally acclaimed artist presents his recent work “Rouseau and the Salmon Man”. A surrealistic stop motion animation. “Rob Munday is interested in the personal, the subjective, and the oddness of the everyday.”

Sheila Scoville (Austin TX) : Brand new Music Video for No Mas Bodas!!! Made with collage animation and other techniques.

Jeanne Stern (Austin TX): “Fade to Pink” A direct work on film processed through two VCRS. Made in 2004, never screened before.

Jeanne Stern & Sheila Scoville (Austin TX): “Jane Fonda Work-out 3D”. Pseudo 3D by Jeanne Stern, Sounds by She She. 3D glasses provided. Created specifically for this show.

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