François Minaux & Laura Brackney

2:00pm Saturday, 6/25/2016

François and Laura have been collaborating in projects that use experimental improvisation since the fall of 2014. Their current project incorporates prepared tape, flute and unprepared piano. This piece explores the relationship between innocence and violence, seeking to represent those two human behaviors through sound.

Laura Brackney lives and learns in Austin, TX. She serves as a clarinet and piano private lesson teacher, composer/arranger, freelance musician, and is a member of the UT Javanese Gamelan Ensemble. Additionally, she volunteers with the COTFG and works on her garden in the morning.

Ongoing collaboration and experimentation with choreographers, painters, actors, composers, videographers, writers, journalists, activists and audiences have led François Minaux to perform and compose multi-media performances that are based on world events, modern psychology and modern taboos. He also composes and performs on an electro-acoustic glissando headjoint. He has called Austin his home since 2007.

Saturday, 6/25/2016 NMASS PASS