Fishman Video Block


Nanosporin AI
2009, 5:30 min.

A scientist experiments with artistic microorganisms…and dies.


Total Unicorn ‘Mini Knee’
2013, 4:20 min.

Protocorn pharmaceutical trial results for the Mini-Knee capsule are a success! Side effects may include eagle vision, cakey pride, shy grundles, heel pop oldies, taco penis, pipe troll payments, soggy bagfuls, and revelation of the One True Chicken.


The Protocols of the Protocorns
2010, 2 min.

Part origin story, part re-reprogramming reuptake inhibitor. This is the gospel truth.


Os Ovni ‘A Lil in the Moon’
2012, 4:30 min.

The phantom Ovni II traverses lower space. Its power never wanes, its pilot never dies and its movement is unimpeded. It will never land, never change course. It will pass through every possible world without displacing a single atom.


Total Unicorn ‘Laser Beans’
2010, 4:15 min.

The lost basement tapes! Early experiments in corndoggery: before their mighty horns emerged, the prodigies practice their arcane art.


2013, 2:30 min.

Are your eyes open? Are you listening?


Marlboro Light
2011, 3:40 min.

A drift-a-matic stylized interpretation of the short story ‘Marlboro Light’ by Leo Felipe Campos (produced for the Teleportal Readings Series).


Stephen Hal Fishman is an Austin-based visual artist and filmmaker creating experimental animated films, music videos, installations, poster art and live visual accompaniment for music and dance under the monikers Fischlegtz, Fresh Fuckerman and Mac&Cheez. Stephen’s work combines collage, hand-drawn illustration, keyframe seizures, 3D animation and visual effects to create a singular alternate universe where pop personalities, advertising, fetish culture, science fiction and pulp horror spawn infected baby comb-over pizza hammer blood wind.

His work has been featured in film festivals across the country and galleries and bars throughout Austin. Stephen also comprises the visual portion of a special multidisciplinary project, Total Unicorn, which he developed with composer, Lyman Hardy, and choreographer, Lindsey Taylor. In addition to his day job as a design mercenary, he teaches in the Visual Communication Department at Austin Community College.