Experimental Music Workshop 2

Experimental Music Workshop
11:00am Sunday, 7/16/17 

Join musicians Cynthia Goosby and Scott Charvet, collectively known as Just Duet, for a fun hands-on performance workshop! Participants will learn about significant pieces, composers, and concepts from 20th and 21st century non-electronic experimental music, try their hand at performing, and even create their own original composition. If you have an instrument, bring it along. If not–no worries–just bring yourself. No previous musical training required!

The unholy spawn of a night at a Fargo beer hall, Just Duet is an offbeat musical duo, often—but not always—comprised of clarinet and percussion. Blending contemporary music with elements of theater, sketch comedy, and storytelling, members Cynthia Goosby and Scott Charvet use their audience and space to create an experience that is never the same twice. After forming in early October, 2014, they began performing in a variety of venues, including concert halls, bars, libraries, living rooms, schools, and even a cave! After spending two years in Bowling Green, OH, to finish their M.M. degrees, the duo recently relocated to Austin, TX. The twain host Perform or Die! events and are currently performing their 2016-2017 season show After Dark, which features newly commissioned works and original sketch comedy videos on subjects from the spooky to the erotic. Check out their music and sketches on YouTube.

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