Echo’s Resolve by Rucyl Mills

Echo’s Resolve (Installation)
Running 11am to 11pm on July 14-16 at Springdale Station

Echo’s Resolve is an interactive installation created by sound and multi-media artist (and NMASS 2017 performer) Rucyl Mills. Inspired by foggy childhood memories of Mills’ parents when they were still married in the late 1970s, the work adapts the myth of the Greek nymph Echo, Echo’s Resolve casts sound itself as the central character, who interrupts projected visuals with delays and echoes, adding her voice to the two perspectives of a relationship.

Echo, the child of Hera and Zeus, was a talkative nymph eventually condemned to only be able to speak by repeating the end of another’s spoken phrase. She wandered in the forest, her bones withering away, until nothing was left but the distant sounds of her voice echoing into the distance, eternally looping, forever repeating the words of others, affirming a story not her own: a mirror, a reflection specialist, unable to realize her love for Narcissus.

We believe we accurately remember our deeply rooted emotional experiences—-these circular, psychological behavior loops and learned family dynamics. Echo’s Resolve is the hope of a sound, a glorious interruption, and a resolve to create a new composition from the collage of our surreal and weighted memories.