CotFG App Jam

App Jam will occur at various times interspersed throughout NMASS2014 weekend.
This app was created by Geoff Boyd of Bentrax, LLC

How Does it Work?

From the stage to your pocket, Church of the Friendly Ghost is now portable! We asked influential musicians from Austin and beyond to donate compositions in a special format: five 8-second loops per artist. Put on your headphones and browse these twenty four outrageously creative mini-compositions as they were originally assembled…

Close your eyes and wave your phone around while the mix swirls in your ears… Don’t like those vibes? Flick a ghost off the screen to swap in a new sound from a different artist… Swipe to shift the pitch down a few steps… Superego telling you to trash your current composition? Tap the reload button to replace all the tracks… This app provides all the tools for broad musical control: particular tracks can be soloed, crossfaded, and muted while groups of tracks can be favorited to save your work.

You could play a whole set with it! But in case you would rather not… the music in the app is also generative! It can be a pixel-free experience… just tap the home button to engage the auto-remix feature and listen to the jams our algorithms kick out.

How Do I Get It?

The app is called “Church of The Friendly Ghost” and is available on the iOS App Store starting today! It costs $1.99 and 100% of the proceeds go towards supporting our 2014 program. Try this URL:

In the app jam, participants are invited to create their own compositions using loops we have collected from our friends:

Steven SnowdenAdam HiltonMediumsEricMcCannChristopher PetkusChalkboards, Peter Stopschinski Matt Burnett,  Derrick Fore,  Bali YaaahAlex KellerDan GentileSteve SachseEric BohlkebrekekekexkoaxkoaxScott HopkinsEllen HutchisonSAE Kenzie SlottowW. Ben AllemanLACO$TEHenna ChouDerivative, and many more!