Cory Allen

11:00am Saturday, 6/25/2016

Meditation with Cory Allen

This session will focus on the restoring, centering, and illuminating practice of meditation. We’ll begin the session with an explanation of basic sitting postures and meditation styles. As we continue, Cory will lead a guided group meditation in several parts, moving through different breathing techniques, astral visualizations, chants, and approaches to cultivating mindfulness. Each section will be accompanied by different binaural beats composed by Cory, specifically for use during meditation.

Cory Allen is a composer, mastering engineer, meditation teacher, and podcast host from Austin, TX. Allen’s music is deep, patient, highly-conceptual and has been called “elegant” by The Wire Magazine and an “artistic engineering achievement” by Was Ist Das. Cory has taught hundreds of people the basics of meditation in his guided workshops and delivered lectures on mindfulness and expanding human consciousness. Allen is also the host of The Astral Hustle podcast where he speaks with friends on philosophy, music, and the nature of the cosmos.

Saturday, 6/25/2016 NMASS PASS