Sonya Gonzales + Meason Wiley

Concord by Sonya Gonzales & Meason Wiley
Outdoors at Salvage Vanguard Theater
June 22-26

Movement is all around us. From the colliding of simple shadows to the phasing of varying sounds, our senses are inundated with vibrations that shape and form. By capturing those waves, we begin to open up and understand ideas ranging from collision to harmony, realizing the emergence of new forms. This large-scale, outdoor installation will attempt to capture exactly that. A dual presentation that will showcase during the day as well as at night, ~concord will be displayed on the west-side wall of the Salvage Vanguard Theater in a mural-like fashion that will be complimented with a corresponding sound element.

The following ideas will be explored:

Light | Shadows | Immersiveness | Moire | Phasing | Frequencies

Sonya Gonzales is a new sound artist living in Austin.

Meason Wiley is a teacher, musician, sound designer, multimedia artist, and fabricator based out of Austin and Los Angeles.