Colin Andrew Sheffield + James Eck Rippie

4:00PM Thursday, 6/23/2016

Performing together for the past 16 years, Colin Andrew Sheffield (samples, processing) & James Eck Rippie (turntables, samples, processing) are an improvising duo who sculpt primarily with commercial recordings to create works interested in turning aspects of plunderphonics, glitch, and sound art into a form of abstract beauty. Their work together has always been about their dialogue within a given piece, unfolding dreamscapes and hints of musicality within a form rewarding for the meditative listener. Their debut LP, “Variations” (Elevator Bath), originally released in 2001 (with a 2016 reissue), was recorded “live” with no additional production. Each of the album’s pieces utilizes sounds from a single acoustic instrument as its sole source material. These sources are manipulated and shattered in multiple ways inside the performance. Since the release of their album, Sheffield & Rippie have continued to perform and to record, expanding the concepts utilized in the “Variations” cycle, along with similarly themed installation recordings. They will be preparing new work for NMASS. After a hiatus of nearly 10 years of performing, Sheffield/Rippie are gathering new concepts, aesthetics, and thrift store records to transform.

James Eck Rippie (b. 1977) is a visual/sound artist originally from outside Nashville, TN, spending the last 6 years in New Orleans, and has recently returned to Austin, Texas. His recorded work has been as a turntablist . But has also worked extensively with other instruments and mediums. His focus with turntables has been creating abstract sound and concrete assemblages from various records while utilizing altered needles, turntable feedback, effect pedals, damaged records, resampling,etc. While decomposing the original sound source, Rippie’s intentions are to understand the transcending possibilities of sound as well as testing the capabilities of the turntable as an instrument. He releases his work for the Cronica Electronica (Portugal) and Elevator Bath (US) labels. And has collaborations with sound artist’s Simon Whetham (UK), Paulo Raposo (PT) and erikM (FR).

Colin Andrew Sheffield (b. 1976, El Paso TX) is a sound artist focusing on the strict re-contextualization of other commercially available recordings. His aim is to distill the essential qualities of these works and to then utilize that essence for new recordings. Usually only very brief sections of the original works are selected. These raw components are then contracted, expanded, layered, and/or otherwise processed until something new is forged. The resultant music is an atmospheric soundscape, gradually shifting and unfolding. In 1998, Sheffield founded the Elevator Bath recording label which has continually issued experimental works from a variety of artists from the United States and abroad (including Rick Reed, Tony Conrad, Merzbow, Francisco López, and many more). Sheffield has released a number of solo recordings, including 2005’s “First Thus,” his debut long-player, as well as 2009’s “Signatures” (via the Invisible Birds label), 2010’s “Slowly” (on the Mystery Sea label of Belgium), and 2012’s “Time Will Tell” (on the Quiet World label of the UK).

Thursday, 6/23/2016 NMASS PASS