Canopy of Sound

By Lisa Cameron – Wednesday – June 12, 2013 – 7:30pm


Lisa Cameron has been involved with many COTFG and NMASS projects and has collaborated with Jandek, Eugene Chadbourne, Ernesto Diaz-Infante and many others. “Canopy of Sound” is the latest phase of her experimentation with acoustic cymbals, and invites real-time audience participation. On Wednesday, June 12th,11-16 players will be playing cymbals in 4 different locations at sunset at Austin’s Town Lake.

The piece will start in a tunnel, with players stationed spaced apart on each side of a trail.  The audience is invited to walk around in the space defined by the sound.  Next the players will station themselves along the trail towards the Opossum Voodoo Pew for a second performance.  At sunset we will proceed further on up the trail to the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge. Finally we will meet at the Liz Carpenter fountain for a spectacular colorful finale.

To find the tunnel, begin at the YMCA parking lot at the Townlake branch, at 1100 W. Cesar Chavez Austin, TX 78703. Walk through the parking lot west, towards the sports area, and down towards Cesar Chavez. The tunnel goes underneath Cesar Chavez.

The players include Miranda Clark, Rebecca Ramirez, Eva Kelly, Josh Ronsen, Amanda Jones, Alex Keller, Aaron Russell, Anne Heller, Matt Armistead, Bradford Kinney, Sheila Scoville, and Daniel Hipolito

View summary video here