Aux Aux + Jennifer Maravillas

Aux Aux (Austin / sound) with Jennifer Maravillas (NYC / art)
1:00 pm Sunday, 7/16/17
A collaboration of the geographically minded.

Aux Aux (music) is the entity of dynamic spiritual growth an experimentation lead by environmental scientist Henna Chou. Since establishing residence in Texas in 2003, she has been active as a musician in a wide variety of situations.

Jennifer Maravillas is a visual artist and illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY.  She received a BFA in Communication Art and Design at the University of Louisville, 2006 and an MS in Mass Communication at Virginia Commonwealth University, 2008. Her work and studies focus on land: how we build our societies as repositories of information and culture for future inhabitants; how our relationship to land shapes us as individuals and communities. Jennifer uses a wide range of media such as watercolor, found objects, textile dyeing, and block printing to create her portraits of cities, land, and cultures. She is working on a long term (lifetime) project in which she is walking every block in New York City collecting paper and trash to place on a map of each borough. Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys bicycling, ballet, kickboxing, urban fire escape gardening, and cuddling with her cat, Arrow.

For this set at NMASS2017 Aux Aux collaborators are: Henna Chou (composition, electronics, melodica), Cami Alys(vocals), w/Laura Dykes(bass), Amy Cimini (viola), Randall Holt (cello), Joshua Thomson (saxophone), Aaron Parks(drums), Benjamin Degain(vibraphone)

Check out some recent Aux Aux experiments below:

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