Aunt’s Analog

Performing on Thursday, 6/12/2014


Aunt’s Analog performance will involve a combination of electronic and acoustic elements, in an attempt to create a tense but spacious sound environment. “I will have a variety of musical and non-musical objects placed around the stage. Two room microphones and two contact microphones will be plugged into a mixer and panned. Some mic signals will be clean and some affected, with moments of silence interrupted by feedback and acoustic sound. I will be creating tension using the motion of my body against the objects and within the space / field of feedback. Objects will include various pieces of percussion, metals, violin, and other resonant items/instruments to be struck or bowed. The performance will last about 20 minutes. Shrill feedback tones juxtaposed with quiet scrapes and bowed sounds will create a performance that is both meditative and jarring. Extreme highs and lows, to create a contradictory and dynamic aural / psychological sound-scape. Best enjoyed with closed eyes and open ears.”