10:00pm Thursday 6/23/2016

Akkad the Orphic Priest (ATOP) is a project started by M C McPhail in 2000 c.e focusing solely on the creation of music. It is the outcome of a reverence and worship of artistic creation. M C has been creating music since childhood but as technology progressed and electronic music creation became more readily available, he delved in to see how far he could go. An interest in digital music production led to studying the subject at college in 1999. This was the catalyst for the formation of this project and has been M C’s passion since its inception.

Atop – Tentacles attached, I Cannot Move – This piece is an expression of life as a free thinking person being oppressed by conformity. Tape manipulation and overdubbing onto tape were used in the process of its creation. The analogue sound being amplified sounds glorious as it pushes through to the ear drum. The end of the piece expresses breaking free from conformity and being comfortable with who you are at your core.

M C McPhail 2016

Thursday, 6/23/2016 NMASS PASS