Artists – June 14, 2013


5:30pm, Friday – June 14, 2013
Meet and Greet
w/Mickey Delp of Delptronics, Chris & Ian McDowell of Super Synthesis, Richard Devine (Warp/Schematic)


8:40pm, Friday – June 14, 2013
Daze of Heaven is Art Pinsof’s exploratory musical moniker aimed at approaching the transcendent with sound. Art performs solo or with sometimes with others in styles of music that vary from psych rock to ambient to noise to techno. For NMASS, Daze of Heaven will be performing an improvised electro-acoustic set using instruments such as clarinet, guitar and vocals as both sounds sources and cv controllers for his modular synthesizer.


9:05pm, Friday – June 14, 2013
Thomas Fang
 is an Austin-based sound artist who co-founded the Artificial Music Machine record label in 2001. Since then, he has performed experimental music under his own name and as Static Storm System, and has collaborated with other musicians as part of Inversion Effect. Utilizing field recordings, radio transmissions, circuit-bent electronic devices and other non-traditional instrumentation in addition to antique synthesizers, he explores sonic territory ranging from glitchy noise assaults to darkambient drones. Mr. Fang is also conductor of the Furby Youth Choir, a small army of modified toys which have terrorized audiences at Bent Festival (NYC), Burning Man (Nevada), and local events such as Maker Faire, Art Outside, Burning Flipside, East Austin Studio Tour, and Fusebox Festival. He assembles handmade synthesizers for Bleep Labs, has worked for nonprofit arts organizations including Church of the Friendly Ghost and Austin Museum of Digital Art, and has taught circuit bending workshops for the Modern Aural Sculpture Symposium South and NMASS. For this year’s NMASS, he will present a nuanced tapestry of drones and tones using a modular synthesizer and vintage telecom line testing hardware.


9:30pm, Friday – June 14, 2013
Douglas Ferguson
, owner of the Still (recording studio) and Distillery Records (label), has a unique sonic vision, shamanic skills, and extensive touring experience. For NMASS 2013, he will utilize an extensive Eurorack modular system and complex patching techniques to conjure an escalating series of correlated temporal paradoxes that must be heard to be believed.


10:00pm, Friday – June 14, 2013
Rick Reed
 has been creating audio compositions since the early 80′s. His works are intuitive studies of electricity, frequency fluctuations, and improvised “on the fly” solutions to symmetry problems in electronic sound. Since 2000, he has centered his live work on using a synthesizer processed with various effects devices to create complex macromal drones with a surface of aesthetic elegance and beauty. His collaborations with musician Keith Rowe and filmmaker Ken Jacobs have mesmerized audiences around the US, and his 2011 double LP, The Way Things Go, earned him glowing reviews and international attention.


10:30pm, Friday – June 14, 2013
Richard Devine
 is a legendary sound designer and electronic musician based in Atlanta. Since the early 1990s, his releases on Schematic, Detroit Underground, Sublight, and Warp Records have garnered international acclaim for their complexity and originality. For NMASS 2013, he will perform with Make Noise synth modules and an updated version of the “Creature” patch he used when recording last year’s sold-out debut 7″ in the Shared System series.


11:45pm, Friday – June 14, 2013
Nicolas Melmann – A musician from Buenos Aires (Argentina), Melmann combines different musical dimensions, from electronics / electro, through children’s music, producing music for television, film, theater and installations, to its latest foray as a singer, always innovating from the composition, making test formats, exploring different sounds, resources and instruments. Since 2006 Melmann has been developing a media project combining sounds with images working with VJS, generating a mix between music and text image looking for a conceptual and discursive unity between them.  Start from a single sound and built the music little by little, everything is played live , the acoustic instruments ( Melodica and Ukelele) are procesed and looped on real time,  then elements are mixed integrating acosutic procesed elements, with electronic , and digital sounds, text,  and field recordings,  the result is a dreamy, melodic, noisy and contemplative atmosphere, combined with the visuals.


12:45am, Friday – June 14, 2013
Dromez is Liz Gomez. Actively, the project explores deep-seated emotional release using the vessel of harsh noise, extreme sound, improvisation and performance utilizing effects pedals, feedback manipulation, contact microphone, raw emotion, discordant screaming, and non-traditional use of guitar, cymbals, or electronics accompanied by a swirl of syncopated flashing lights.
Recently Dromez has showcased at Denver Noise Fest 2013 and Savage Weekend in Chapel Hill, NC while touring the midwest and east coast and will be leaving for a west coast tour with Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Sex Bruises, and Dakota Hogback June 22, 2013. Liz has resided in Austin since 2005 and is a native Texan.