Art Acevedo

Art Acevedo (Austin)
8:00 pm, Sunday 7/15/17

Captain Beerfart (vocals) + Detective Louis Cannon (Saxophone) + Officer Dave (bass) + The Sarge (drums)

Art Acevedo is a no-wave/free funk/noise-punk/et al quartet featuring members of Coma In Algiers, The Gospel Truth, Xetas, and ensembles in the Austin underground. Named in backhanded tribute to Austin’s former chief of police, Art Acevedo’s entirely-improvised performances (like their namesake, they never practice) translate contemporary tensions–between citizens and police, economic reality and creative aspiration, personal life and political noise–with total intuition. Art Acevedo’s debut album, Flow My Tears, is forthcoming on Super Secret Records.

Click here to hear past performances by Art Acevedo.

Art Acevedo performing “Ecce Gloria Ars” at Beerland:


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