Allison Leigh Holt & Scott Stark

Event on Friday, 6/13/2014


NMASS 2014 presents a program of live projector performances, single channel videos, dual-16mm symmetries, looping noises, magical music, colorful toys, whirling gizmos, twirling toiletries, old-school media devices and new school mishaps, all arranged in a controlled cacophony by Allison Leigh Holt (a.k.a. Oilly Oowen) and Scott Stark.

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Scott Stark, single channel video, 2008
A playful study of one of the U.S.A.’s most ubiquitous symbols, and an attempt to re-invent it as a thing of problematic beauty.

Nocturnal Symmetries
2014, two 16mm projectors and live audio,
Images by Scott Stark, sound by Allison Leigh Holt, using field recordings by Byram Abbott.
“Images untethered in dream-like urban and natural landscapes, aggravated by artificial light, lost in the gap between imperfect symmetries.”

Experiment 2
Allison Leigh Holt, single channel video
Experiment 2 is a live-mixed analog video experiment made at the Experimental Television Center (ETC) in upstate New York, with footage from a modified surveillance camera. Shot in Indonesia; Boston; Manhattan; and the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, CA,

Scott Stark, single channel video, 2014
Freedom in our America, visually sliced and diced.

Treasures of Big House
Live performance with Scott Stark and Allison Leigh Holt
Multiple digital video projections, five video cameras including a surveillance camera, looping analog and digital sounds, various toys and noise-making devices. “A playful, manic interaction between two performers with light, shadow and sound, using toys, household objects and toiletries out of control.”