Adam Pacione

5:00pm Friday 6/25/2016

Adam Pacione (b. 1971, Detroit, Mi.) a graphic artist and medium film format photographer since the late 80s, Pacione started pursuing field recording and sound manipulations in the late 90s after borrowing a 4 track recorder and effects pedals from a close friend. Driven by influences such as Fibreforms (later known as Kiln), U.K. bands AMP, Flying Saucer Attack, Boards of Canada, Seefeel and My Bloody Valentine, Pacione released his first albums Sisyphus (Elevator Bath) and With Wakened Eyes (Primary) in 2005. Additional releases such as From Stills to Motion (Infraction), the Still Life series (Bee Eater) and remixes for Simon Scott (Slowdive), Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) and Milieu (Brian Granger) followed shortly after. Pacione is currently working on follow up releases for the Austin based label Elevator Bath, and contributing soundtrack work for the short video travel series, Letters From Japan.

Pacione‘s current sound work centers around a marriage of Musique Concrete and modular synthesis to create auditory pareidolia.

Friday, 6/24/2016 NMASS PASS