Enjoy our mega-mix preview of 2017 performers!

Track listings:

  1. Triangulum: Real Nice Guy (Sun 16)
  2. Rucyl: Breaking Character (Art Installation, Artist Talk & Solo Performance Sat 15)
  3. Dialtones: Object Collage (performance with Nightblooms Sun 16)
  4. A/B Duo: Isla (Sat 15 and Sun 16)
  5. Karla Manzur [Nightblooms]: Alfonsina y el Mar (performance with Dialtones Sun 16)
  6. Terraformation: Sundrenched (full band Sat 15 and as a duo Sun 16)
  7. Ingebrigt Håker Flaten: Steel pt. 4 (performing w/ C. Spencer Yeh Sat 15)
  8. A/B Duo: Limb (Sat 15 and Sun 16)
  9. C. Spencer Yeh w/ Okkyung Lee & Lasse Marhaug: The Mermaids of Extended Technique (Yeh Solo Quadrophonic set Fri 14 + performing with Ingebrigt Håker Flaten Sat 15)
  10. Rucyl: End Point in a Circle (Art Installation, Artist Talk & Solo Performance Sat 15)
  11. Slant Ensemble: Laguna for Violin [composed by Alan Retamozo & performed by Cristabel Lin] (Sat 15)
  12. ZentrumGolden Afternoon in Transit (Sat 15)
  13. EFCA Trio [Carl Smith]: Sunflower by Yusef Lateef (performing with Sarah Ann Sat 15)
  14. Sarah Ann: Pharas Improv (performing with Carl Smith Sat 15)
  15. Maryanne Amacher: Living Sound, 1980 (Dr. Amy Cimini discussion and demonstration of Amacher’s work Fri 14 & Sat 15)
  16. The Mineral Kingdom: Civil Disobedience is Civil Defense (Sat 15)
  17. Grageriart: Entry 01 in the Grageriart Audio Catalog (Sun 16)
  18. PetCatMan: 36 (Sat 15)
  19. Burning Star Core: Benjamin [C Spencer Yeh](Solo Quadrophonic set Fri 14 + performing with Ingebrigt Håker Flaten Sat 15)
  20. Art Acevedo: We’re in this Together (Sun 16)
  21. Space Angel Hug: MMMMMM’s (Fri 14)
  22. Burnt Dot: Predator [Sarah Belle Reid + Ryan Gaston] (solo Fri 14, music workshop Sat 15 Burnt Dot w/Meason Wiley Sun 16)
  23. Alex Keller + Sean O’Neill: Kruos pt. 1 (Fri 14)
  24. Sarah Belle Reid: The Doll Aged [solo amplified trumpet](solo Fri 14, music workshop Sat 15 Burnt Dot w/Meason Wiley Sun 16)
  25. Shefield/Rippie: Variations for Viola (Fri 14)
  26. OMMMG [Lisa Cameron]: Live at COTFG Daughter of Ladyfriends 2015 (Sat 15)
  27. Mineral Kingdom: Wuthering Heights [Kate Bush] (Sat 15)

Enjoy our YouTube playlist of past NMASS performances. Click here to view this playlist on YouTube.



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