Springdale Station

COTFG: New Media Art and Sound Summit 2017 takes place at Springdale Station

Below is some information to help you find your way to Springdale Station:

Google Maps linkhttps://goo.gl/maps/xuEHdeYDvKm


Springdale Station is a small building located in front of Friends & Allies Brewery next to the Austin Bouldering Project. Parking is going to be very limited so please plan ahead with plenty of time for parking. We recommend parking along Springdale Road, across the street by Canopy, or in the lot on the opposite side of the Austin Bouldering Project. Also consider taking advantage of carpooling with friends, using your preferred ride sharing app or riding with the cap metro bus service. If you live nearby in east Austin, riding a bicycle may also be a good option. A very limited amount of handicap spaces are available in the lot in front of the Bouldering Project.